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Originally Posted by WestRace View Post
What happens this week is a bit scary. The DOW gains 1000 points in just four days. Will it be sell on the news? We don't even know if the FED will cut rates.

The question to ask is why you have below 4% emp and above 2% GDP and the FED has to cut rate? The only answer is a lot of that 4% and 2% probably due to overly leverage. This time it's the business that takes on too much debt to finance the growth. Just like the 2008 housing crisis.

Weird world.

Email 1 I get this am. "Dow futures down due to bad job reports"

Email 2 I get this am. "Dow futures up due to likelihood of fed rate cut due to bad job reports"

So the market goes up on the news that fed MIGHT cut rates next week thus confirming that all is not well?

It is bizzaro land isn't it???
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