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Originally Posted by David70 View Post
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taking a counter offer at a current work place has 2 great dangers

1) the company knows you're a flight risk and may only be retaining you temporarily

2) now that u did accept; they can use and abuse you as your other offer has already disappeared and again they have the upper hand
Possible or you have legitimate problems with the current job, you discuss it with them, they fix it and things are ok.

I recently tried to keep an engineer who said he was leaving because he had to travel too much and he wasn't paid enough. I offered to cut his travel and raise his pay. He decided to leave anyway but none of what you are saying would have happened to him, he was a good employee and we wanted him to stay.

"knows you're a flight risk" - almost every good employee is a flight risk, if they find a better job there is a risk they will leave. Really bad employees are the least likely to be a flight risk, they suck and everyone knows it.

"they can use and abuse you" - every employer could do that also but good employers don't do it to good employees as they know there is a risk they will leave. Nothing stopping all "use and abuse" for every employee other than the flight risk.

You make is seem like once you stay at your current employer that all options to ever leave are gone and the employer believes it.
personally speaking... most people leave for a reason... either better opportunity or feel they havent been treated right... everytime i've been countered and moved on; it was for the better... strictly personal experience