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Originally Posted by chassis View Post
dsad1, thanks for the comments. Are you saying the market is too highly valued now?

Here is an SP500 p/e chart over time. Today's market is valued in the same range as the 1990s. Seems not too scary. Do you agree?
My fear is more in the high valued companies that are not public yet but still control a big part of our economy. A good example would be We Work. They have a ton of debt and a ton of rent, and they are barely paying both. It isn't going to take much for them to really be in crises mode. Wework could probably get itself out of it by selling some of its holdings. The issue here is that We Work has tens of millions of square feet that they currently lease, if they gave back only a quarter of that it could really handicap areas/cities.

We have become dependent on companies that are not as financially secure as they should be, and that to me is scary.