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Originally Posted by Run Silent View Post
I've not seen the movie - but am curious. I can see Michael Keaton as Hurley, although I'm not sure he could be a big enough asshole to fit the role. I could also Bruce Willis in that role, although I'm not sure he is 'scruffy' enough.

As for an actor who could play Rapp - my immediate gut answer is John Krasinski. Seeing him portray a young Jack Ryan in that new series gets me thinking he would be good for the Mitch Rapp roll too.

I could see that. He was also awesome as Jack Silva in the 13 Hours movie.

Mitch is supposed to be dark skinned and dark haired - physically able to pass as Middle Eastern, so Krasinski isn't a great fit from that viewpoint, but a pretty minor thing with the other casting follies we've been discussing.

I can't think of anyone who would necessarily be a better fit than Krasinski.

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