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Originally Posted by xQx View Post
I think the free migration of people across borders is a good thing. I don't think the life of a US citizen is more important than that of a Mexican, and I think western countries should increase their migrant intake.
Good lord....

1. If you think "free migration" of people is a good thing, why stop there? Why not allow anybody in here at anytime for free medical care, schooling, and the opportunity to vote. Hell just set up train lines to ram people in here anytime they need something to be paid on the US taxpayer dime, then ship em back. Fantastic idea.

2. The lives of my American family are more important than every Mexican sitting across that border to me. Same goes for you.

3. How noble of you to volunteer that all western countries increase their migrant intake. Thank you for using my tax money, my labor, and my culture for your own means so that you can feel better about yourself. What a noble progressive you are.

Didn't read the rest of the crap after this.