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Originally Posted by Joekerr View Post
Ha ha ha - oh at least he gives me a laugh. But assuming he is back in 2020, I suspect this type of behaviour will come back to bite him, and he's going to have a very short term memory about him pulling these types of stunts and will complain that it isn't fair.

Right now, I suspect people don't really know how to handle him, and so he has the upper hand. That will only be for a limited time though.

While I disagree with the wall as contemplated, I do enjoy seeing him make the other politicians squirm.
Ummm. He's been in office for 2 years. If they haven't figure out by now how to handle (deal) with him they never will.

Mr Orange is a real piece of work but these are the types of situations that helped him get elected. This is exactly what the people that voted for him want to see.

This whole custerfuck helps Trump and hurts Schulosi.

Schulosi will give in at some point. Mark my words
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