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Originally Posted by Kelse92 View Post
Luxury vinyl plank, looks better in professional photos for advertising the rental, and will hold up better than laminate to scratching and water stains. Ceramic tile everywhere else you can. Carpet only if you have to.
(Experience level - I consult on flip/rentals for a living)
This!!! ^^^

Put that stuff down in our kitchen and love it. The original 1965 linoleum in there is asbestos backed so I wasn't going to touch it. Someone in the 90s put down cheap nasty linoleum and where they saved on the linoleum they paid extra for the world's strongest adhesive. Long story short we couldn't rip it out without creating a massive project for ourselves and couldn't do tile or hardwood over the top. That left high grade vinyl plank. Went down super easy in just a couple hours. Darn near bulletproof and actually looks OK. Love it.



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