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Originally Posted by PoorLurker View Post
at OP - depending on what type of car person you are but i'd suggest forgoing the purchase of an M3 and skip a few car purchases to ultimately purchase something that is far more superior and sporty than an M3.

I've heard that the M3 was a "mistake" from a couple people whose ultimate goal was a higher end sports car. Yes they loved them but the money dumped into those purchases pushed back their mid life crisis car that much further back.

For some ballers - the M3 is a perfect stepping stone or end of the road car. However, for others it's just a detractor.

It's like a high end SUV. Why pay $160k so some non sports oriented person can drive your turbo porsche cayenne. It makes no sense to me but that's because I can't fathom that financial lifestyle where a $160k SUV is like me getting a used Ford Fusion.
OP can barely afford a M3. You are telling him to look for something even more expensive? Poor financial advice.
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