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Originally Posted by RonPaul4Prez View Post
I'm not sure how they do things in California, but in Georgia, if you entered the intersection while the light was yellow, you did not run the light. I wouldn't proceed without an attorney. It is worth it to have someone explore any possible defenses you may have, negotiate a decent plea if possible, and then represent you if you plead not guilty and move on to a bench or jury trial. Don't find someone that'll simply help you enter a plea. Having a clean record is a wonderful thing. My 2 cents.
375 for a ticket or 200 for a lawyer..I'd take the lawyer..dude it's all a big ole plan states need money cause all our money is in Iraq...fight the power cops are getting scary...I was home in May, and I looked at a cop he rolled down the window and got a F^&&cking problem I was like..WTF asshole, but on the flip side I hadn't been home in so long asked this sexy black cop for directions and she smiled and gave it to me.......fight the ticket.