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Originally Posted by rebekahb View Post
Apparently it is. I have a few friends who have raved about it and I have an old injury flaring up in my shoulder. It was never right even after months of PT. I have always worked out and strengthened that shoulder. I've got an apt with a massage therapist who is more of a sports speciality so going to see if that helps.

I've done some research and I haven't found anything bad but just leery of injecting myself with something daily for a month.
Understand, yeah I have heard great things. Luckily it is just a small pin. Interested in results if you go through with it. I've had great recent luck with routine yoga for a lot of my joint pain if you have not already tried that route. I was shocked how much better I could feel - although the initial was brutal. Made me realize just how inflexible I was.
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