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Originally Posted by CnoteMD View Post
TopSupra: Very nice! Someone in my area has an Interlagos Blue M5 with the RDSport wheels. They really make the car look more aggressive (not to mention, they do a great job of showing off the HUGE cross drilled rotors of the M5). Do you have any other mods?

Roleez: I'm sure you had a good reason for going to the 330i. Honestly, this car is almost TOO much for a daily driver, but at the same time I can't imagine driving anything else. Thankfully, I only have a 3.5 mile commute to work. But I STILL have to fill up a lot.

Most of my driving during the week is city, so I typically get about 9.5mpg Only an M5 will make you happy to see 17mpg on a long highway trip.
Your right about the fill ups, but the M5 gives alot back even though we get bad gas mileage. I was once able to get 18.5 mpg on hwy with the SMG but now with the 6 speed the best Ive got was 17.5. But I dont mind, it beats the hell out of the RX-7 I once owned that gave me 8-9 miles a gallon at least the M5 is a big heavy 4 door car.....

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