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Originally Posted by Now_Rudi View Post
I do somewhat of intermittent fasting. I tend to stick with the 16/8 method, but due to my schedule and when I go to the gym, the only calories consumed in the evening come in the form of a protein shake post-work workout with about 5mg of creatine added. I loosely stick to this eating plan. Some weeks, I'm on it daily and stay within 15-50 calories +/- of my 500 kcal/day deficit. Some weeks, it's impossible to stick to as I work in an office where lunch is catered several times a month and I have a girlfriend that likes to cook for me. I'm not going to be an asshole and not eat what people cook for me, so some days it works; some days it doesn't.

I also pay crazy attention to the number of calories I take in, in a day, as well as my macros. From November 10th of last year, I've lost 71 pounds and somewhere around 13-14% body fat.
I heard that this "unpredictable" fasting is actually better.
If you stick to a very predictable routine, your body will just adapt to it. That's the plateau that folks mention. It's the same logic why you switch workout routines at the gym.