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Originally Posted by Rmtt View Post
Don't even get me started on this. I see people on it who have no problem with holding down a job, but we had a guy here who developed MS at around 40 years old and kept getting denied even though the Neuro told them it was very progressive.

He was finally approved about a year later after he had to start wearing leg braces.

Bad thing is he wanted to work and had worked all his life. It ended up with him having to go to court...the judge asked the people denying it if they were crazy?
The system is severely broken.

On a semi-related note, I had lost a job at one time & only had UE as my income. I applied for medical, food stamps, etc to see what I could qualify for. Denied everything. UE makes you a baller & that income level is too high. Keep in mind it wasn't even enough to cover my bills.

There's another woman from a dating site that is on disability for migraines yet she is a nanny under the table. Claims they are so bad she cannot work & that's why she quit her job years ago. Every time I saw her, she was fine & didn't complain when we were fucking. Don't worry, she was just a toy. She would come over to bang & sometimes bring dinner. I wasn't going to put any effort into that loser She lives with her sister & gets $2500 a month of our tax dollars.

I dated a woman years ago who also got bad migraines. She held down a tough full-time job, paid her rent, bills, etc & supported herself 100%

Maybe I can get some free money b/c I have asthma?
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