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you'll have to decide next year if you want to overseed in the spring but if you do you can't throw down any pre emergent. there is one pre emergent you can use but I forgot which one that won't stunt new seed growth. i'm pretty much done for the year. the local maintenance for our community already did the winterizing for our irrigation. so now it's up to mother nature for watering for the rest of the year
Tenacity or Mesotrione (which is basically the main component of Tenacity). Yeah, I'll just play it by ear and see how the lawn fairs over winter. It was doing pretty good up until I got hit with lawn disease(s) in the fall and the weather & work didn't cooperate enough for me to treat it. Still had some less dense areas to deal with but what was there did good. I have some patches where I had some dollar spot in the front to seed come spring but oh well. I raked them out this fall but the grass didn't fill in at all. I have 125lbs of seed waiting to go down since I didn't make it in time this fall. lol