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Originally Posted by dmatre View Post
Actually, it is both.

If you take in less, then you must spend less.

In Washington, they seemed to have missed that relationship (both sides).
It's not really spending. It's more about entitlement programs which neither side dares to touch lols. And why? Because they'll get vote out of office. So who do you blame? The piglititions or the voters? So what's waging the dog lols.

The good thing is the EU is printing even faster than the US. 80% over there is like Greece (where Alexander the Great came from lols)

Everybody talking about the Chinese taking over the world but they may be printing even more and worse like their fake stuffs, nobody knows how much. The Chinese got no transparency to speak of.

It's the race to the bottom it's just that the US is a little slower than the other guys.