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Originally Posted by larryn View Post
Sounds like it could be an air/fuel ratio issue, and therefore a carburetor issue. It could be that air is being introduced through a bad seal, o-ring or gasket... Or you are flooding or starving gas due to needles being shot, o-rings messed up or gumming up elsewhere. Since you already took apart the float sand noted gunk, I assume it's not that new, but you are comfortable doing things like that.

Carburators are finicky and if you prefer to take care of it yourself, I would just suggest getting a carburetor rebuild kit from the manufacturer. Otherwise, most small engine repair places do pick-up and drop-off service.
I seen this problem, the issue is the gas, most small engines carbs are not design to deal with the ethanol and the other crap they put in the gas today. You need to treat the gas before you put it into your small engines. With that said, doing a complete rebuild and then tuning the carb most likely will solve the problem. I personally been able to find a new carb online for under $20 since most all the US companies who make and sell small engines today have their carbs made in China.

Today I am treating my gas for all my small engines and recently have been replacing the carbs due poor running issues that have developed over the years.
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