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Small engine repair advice needed.

I have a 16hp v-twin lawnmower. Choke linkage works, throttle linkage works also. Spark plugs are new. Engine will not idle or stay running with air filter/box in place. If I cover the carburetor nearly completely and start it, it will run with the choke closed. I can increase the throttle up and down; again only with the carb nearly completely covered. Also at mid-full throttle the governor moves erratically "hunts".

I pulled the carb off and there was some gunk in the float bowl, I cleaned that out and made sure the throttle and choke butterfly's were clean and moved freely.

It seems like I'm not getting enough fuel. With nearly no air entering the carb it will stay running, as soon as you unblock the carb or slightly open the choke (even with the carb blocked) the engine dies.

My guess at this point is that the main mixture "jet" may have a blockage, therefore not delivering enough fuel.

Anyway thanks for your time/advice.
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