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Originally Posted by MrGatsby View Post
I have two vices in life -- cars and watches. Expensive vices, yes, but healthy ones at that. (or at least that's how I justify to my better half).

The issue with these vices is they are few and far between. With whiskey, you can try a multitude of different kinds and buy again the ones you like. With girls, you could enjoy a different girl dancing on stage every night, and head to a new club next week.

With cars the majority of us can only have one, maybe two. And unless you are among the select few who can afford to go through cars like they do whiskey, you choose those few carefully. I am the former, and I found my one -- the E92 M3 is perfect in all aspects (but we will save that for another thread).

That just leaves watches. With watches I prefer a collection of just a few special pieces. As such, I have been building my collection very slowly, saving for those unique pieces that I will have for life.

Just recently I have been getting into Breitling. Their Motorsport heritage and classic design is very appealing. I have been looking for a unique piece I can wear daily and I have decided on the Avenger II Seawolf with the Cobra Yellow Dial. I was ready to move forward with the stainless version when I found the limited edition run of 1000 pieces with a black steel finish. I like the raw look of the black steel; it looks less posh and more hardcore -- just my style. And the rarity certainly appeals to me.

I suppose my question lies with cost. The limited edition is about a grand more than its counterpart. For a very similar watch, is it worth the premium?

I have never owned a Breitling, but am curious to hear your thoughts on it. and please, post pics of yours!

Option 1) Stainless Steel

Option 2) Black Steel

I know that within the last few years, Breitling was sold to a huge private equity firm in Europe. It hasn't seemed to affect anything.

As for your question....I believe the Limited Edition Run is worth the extra money without no emotional investment attached to it. Add to the fact that you like it, then I think it makes it a "no-brainer".

Just remember to keep all of your original paperwork and the original boxes...which I am sure you do.

I have never planned to sell anything I had when buying, but sometimes things come up and I would find something else I liked.... and I would sell one piece and buy another.
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