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Originally Posted by Grumpy Old Man View Post
So this is my prediction, based on a somewhat similar story in Toronto about a year ago. A young muslim girl wearing a hijab reported being attacked by racists who tried to take her hijab off and assaulted her while shouting racist remarks. This happened while she was on her way to school. Police were called and the investigation began, the MSM, Mayor of Toronto, Premier of Ontario and Prime Minister were all suitable outraged. The investigation revealed that the whole thing was made up. Afterwards, to a one they all said that we have to take these things seriously and that it was a shame about this and then went on to apologize and make excuses for the young girl. I suspect the media won't condemn this, at least not to the extent that will make anyone happy.
This shit happens all the time, as in...ALL THE TIME. I believe this is just the first time somebody with a bit of fame tried to pull the stunt.

I hope they lock this lying POS away for as long as allowed. What an absolutely worthless human being, there is no excuse at all for this crap.