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Originally Posted by VRG_135 View Post
If we have, and elect, candidates like Trump, Bernie, Cruz, etc......we will not do well. I challenge everyone on here to help nominate and support better candidates in 2020. Go to your local party headquarters and see how you can contribute. I plan on checking in at Collin County GOP office and seeing what I can do.
I agree, sort of, we had more candidates this past cycle then I have ever seen. What, at least three Dems and 10 or so, I can't remember GOP candidates. My choice, Kasich, didn't make it. It's obvious a lot of folks rejected the usual political types during the primaries. I would call this election an anomaly. Depending on what happens over the next four years will determine the next election. I have a keen sense of the obvious, don't I? Let's give the guy a chance here, what other options do we have?

Democrats should be mad that Joe Biden did not run, I think he would have run away with it....