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Originally Posted by nullrouted View Post
Of course I realize that this is a private forum, I'm just drawing a parallel. However, creating a sub-forum topic that is sure to invite 'vigorous' debate and then seeking to limit that debate/threaten to ban is counter-productive to the free flow of ideas.
How is being racist productive in a political debate?? All that will do is lead to a uncivilized debate and everyone will look like an idiot.

A person earlier was worried that he would be banned because he disagreed with Obama thinking he was being racist. When that won't be the case. He can trash Obama all he likes. But, he has to be civil about it. He can't go, " That n word President did this!!!!! This is why n words shouldn't be president"

Stuff like that shouldn't be tolerated and those members should be banned for it.

Yes discussing politics/religion can get heated. But, a free for all shouldn't be allowed.