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E60 Messy unit tree - byteflight present on non-byteflight car

Hello everyone,

About 6 months ago, I started having issues with my 530xi built in 6/2006 - rough idle and car stalling when car was stopped.

The first signals pointed at eccentric shaft/valvetronic motor due to connected errors, however the car electrical system is messy due stupid unit swaps done in the past due to the stupidity of previous owners and on bad advice. We tried new coils, eccentric shaft bearings, swaps of various eccentric shafts, valvetronic motors and air mass sensors without much success, which lead us to the electrics to blame.

The following units were changed from stock:
CCC from 2005 e60 (byteflight)
MULF to MULF2 (root cause of the CCC issues, which previous owner was unable to identify) from F01
Light units - old lights were damaged by water and both lights and xenon units died

Current unit tree in ISTA:

Current unit list in INPA:

ISTA fault memory:

As it is obvious from above, the car decided that there is byteflight and all the units present, although they are not.

The engine is mechanically fine and all the suspected faulty parts were swapped by a BMW specialist, which rules out mechanical cause for the weird behavior.

I am currently suspecting the car from thinking it has MPM, which at some point it decides to use, however it is not there,which results in the DME failing to get the voltage right, rough idle and eventually stalling. To confirm that suspicion, I need to get the tree right, which official tools refuse to do due to a mismatch in VO state vs current state of units.

I would appreciate any advice on where to start looking for the unit, which convinced my car that the byteflight bus and units are actually present.