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Originally Posted by Run Silent View Post
This - although this can also go too far. The other day, here in my 'somewhat sane' state, a child was arrested at a middle school (kid was 13yo) for picking on a kid and teasing him insistently.

This isn't the best solution. Is all bullying wrong? Yes - but different punishments fit different scenarios. I don't think a kid should be put in handcuffs for verbal bullying. He should be punished, but I don't think he should be directed into the criminal justice system.

Now - for those bullies that actually beat up kids? Yes, those should probably be arrested - although, even in those cases, I might be okay with it being an escalated punishment, not for a first offense - depending on the severity.
Funny you should say that.

In finland we've had huge anti bullying campaigns since our school shootings. If something happens in school in the 1-6th grades, they email us parents to let us know, all the parents in the class are informed something bad happened but the perpetrator and the victim also will be called, or rather their parents. My son is on the first grade and came home with a black eye because an other kid tried to beat his friend and I got nothing.

"Oh, I was under the impression the boys were fighting over the girl. So sorry." Said the teacher.

"Yeah no, the girl that got beaten and kicked by the boy before my son ran in to interfere is my sons friend. You better fucking fix this today and make sure the girl is safe or I will shit on you" (I'm a class act)

I'm complaining since even here we parents need to work to get the truth out.

Now as for the 7-9 grades...

The principal (same school, stricter attitude) has a way with us parents.

You go check your kids phones tonight and report to me if they're acting like shit or I'll call the CPS and cops on the kids that I find don't have the parental supervision needed. My students will not be bullied via apps and if you won't do this, I'll be happy to burn away your tax euros for this."

The girls in that school were bullying horribly a few kids, verbally and with words both spoken and written. One kid landed herself to a hospital to recoup since it took her 2 years to let an adult to know.

Words actually matter more since bruises you can see and they get attention sooner.
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You're still a little new here, so I'll let you in on a little secret. Whenever Lups types gibberish, this is an opportunity for you to imagine it to be whatever you'd like it to be.
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