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Originally Posted by OnerDriver View Post
I'm sorry for your loss. Can't imagine how it feels and I don't even want to think about it
Thanks, it was weird and I'm not saying this to sound muy macho or anything. But, I hardly ever cry and I've had very close people young and older die in my lifetime, but hardly cried (a couple of times) when it happened. I was just very sad.

When we were bringing her to the veterinarian to put her down, I cut up some leftover steak for my daughter to feed her on the way down. One last happy thing etc, anyway, halfway there I just start bawling my eyes out. It really caught me off guard and my daughter. I think I freaked her out because she had never really seen me really cry until then.

Anyway, the little bastards (whatever they are) really worm their way into your heart. Even if the last couple of years of caring for an older dog is very challenging.