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That was a great article. Must say how much I'm in agreement with Mark Hughes. Attended my first F1 race in 1965. We could not get over how smooth Clark drove...taking the exact same line lap after lap, he never lost the speed in the faster corners that so many others did. Must also say Hughes' comment on Rindt probably being faster than Stewart was so on the money...but Stewart drove with such precision (in comparison).
I could go on (and on), but suffice to say I think Hughes nailed all of the descriptions. I emailed the link to the three friends that I still attend races with..knowing they'll enjoy as much as I did.
Precision is the mark of each of the greats.

I was astounded to learn that Lewis was able to look at the direction the flags were pointing to determine wind direction and decide when he could brake later in certain corners rather than others because he had a head wind. All while managing the tires, racing, and adjusting the cars performance parameters on the computer interface that doubles as a steering wheel.
Several actors have played James Bond, Sean Connery IS James Bond...
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