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The Seahawks are a gigantic steaming pile of f'n SHIT. Get rid of that idiot Pete Carroll and the rest of that incompetent garbage they call a coaching staff. Geno Smith can eat it too. This is about the most pathetic waste of space I've seen in a long time. JFC.

Blow this fucking team up!

They have a freaking new offensive coordinator in Shane Waldron and he was supposed to be a genius and open up the play book. What has he done this season? Jack shit. Run play after run play until they have to punt the ball. Over and over again. We didn't need Waldron for that moronic game plan because there have been plenty of shitty OCs that did the exact same thing. PC has got to go! Him and his gum chewing surprised look on his face whenever they fail to get a 1st down is downright pathetic and played out. When is someone going to grow a set and can all of these MFers?
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