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I had a Kia Optima rental car for 2 weeks a few months ago while my car was in the shop for repairs.

The car itself is ok... very cheap materials but they tried to hide it with a padded dash, soft touch door panels and comfortable seats. Apple Carplay worked flawlessly. There is absolutely no feeling at all from the steering. I thought the BMW F30 had dead steering feel, I was wrong. The Optima was way worse - rubbery steering and I didn't know where the tires were going. Add that to a terrible low HP droning 4 cylinder normally aspirated engine, it was no fun to drive at all.

The steering assist was very annoying - I had to turn it off. Every time it thinks you are drifting the steering wheel yanks the wheel. There were many times it made mistakes - when you are going on a off ramp, it thinks you are drifting and tries to yank you back onto the highway.

The positive side? At $20k for basic transportation, you get a ton of space. The back seats you could swim in and the trunk could fit many full size suitcases. That said, both the Accord and Camry are way better in this category. The Accord is sportier to drive, the Camry more comfortable and quieter. The Kia is neither.
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