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OK I have a 2004 BMW 525i and since buying the car i have had to deal with this issue, so the batt(according to a cig lighter charger with a digital volt read out on it) rarely goes higher than 13.6-8V while the car is running, im unsure if thats a sign of anything or not, but the issue i am having is that when i turn the car off if i use the inside dome lights, leave door/doors open for a bit too long, or anything else that would pull a lil power from batt like listing to radio, running fan/heater for anymore than 10mins if even that long without starting it for a few mins the batt will not completely die but will no have enough power to start the car. There hasnt been any codes or anything else pointing to the cause of the issue, from the lil i know and can tell the altenator is working fine its just that the batt will not hold a charge for very long if the car is drawing from it, however if i only arm/disarm the alarm and quickly open/close doors the batt will be fine for a day or two at least enought to start the car. I am not sure how old the batt is or anything else about it but im wondering what other people think about this issue along with any ideas on what i should try doing to fix the issue, i was thinking about going to buy a batt but just wanted to make sure that wont be a waste of $$ because it was fine. o also the last time i had it checked at autozone or some similar store for free they tp;d me the batt was fine however it didnt look like the guy checking it really knew too much about ehst he was doing lol.