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Originally Posted by other_evolved View Post
I'm pretty solidly pro-choice but the language of some parts of this seem really, really broad. However, consider this case:

I know someone who had a 23 week abortion (which is late term) because the child was developing without the following:

A brain
A skull
An atrium of their heart

The parents were on their 5th pregnancy with the preceding ones being miscarriages <20 weeks. Their doctor said there were three courses of action. Keep the pregnancy and maybe the body miscarries. Keep the pregnancy and if no miscarriage give birth to a stillborn with 0% chance of life. Seek to end the pregnancy. They had to travel to another state to seek option 3.

Now, there was some risk to the mother with the first two options. Multiple OBGYN's weighed in and agreed that the health risk wasn't major with the first two, but given the dire scenario they included that third option as something viable. I think there is a lot of anger in certain circles about some of these laws, but I would be surprised to learn if a large majority of late term abortions were just some spur of the moment decision to ruthlessly terminate a pregnancy. Given the very small amount of late term abortions I would venture a guess that most of those fit a similar fact pattern as above.
So in this situation, I can see this being an option - as if there is no heart and no brain - then there is no brain activity of any kind - and hence, no life.

I think you are missing the major piece of this legislation, however, which I believe I emphasized:

1) It now includes the language so that an abortion could take place after 24 weeks if the pregnancy risks "the mother's mental health.

Mental health? So because she feels like she might be traumatized by having a kid, we get to kill babies?

Uh, big nope on that one, please.

This is the serious issue I have more than any of the other things.

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