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Originally Posted by JasonCSU View Post
It was initially unknowing, so it's got to be a mind-fuck for him now.
Just thought I'd chime in and clarify the relationship between Daenarys and John for you guys, not that it makes any difference lol... But she's his aunt not his sister. This is why so much emphasis is being placed on his claim to the throne. Daenarys is Rhaegar's baby sister. Rhaegar was the prince, heir to the throne. His father, The Mad King, was killed by Jamie during Robert's rebellion and he was killed by Robert. Lyanna Stark, who was John's mom, Ned's sister and Robert's betrothed, was supposedly kidnapped by Rhaegar during the rebellion. But the truth, unknown to everyone but Ned Stark (he found out when she told him as she handed him the baby John) and his sister Lyanna, was that she ran away with Rhaegar to get married. They were actually both in love and the marriage was blessed by the church. So because John is Rhaegar's son by marriage, he is the one true heir to the throne... The claim of the son is much stronger than the claim of the sister obviously. The questions now are, what will Daenarys do? Will she pull a Cercei and destroy whatever proof exists of John's claim, if any? Will she bend the knee to John?

I was kind of disappointed with the episode, especially since I thought I heard it was going to be 2 hours long. But overall it was a great intro and I firmly believe that none of us will be left wanting in the end... Now if only we could get good old George to finish the damn books, we can have something else to look forward to, considering that the show started to deviate a bit more each season after the Red Wedding... So for those of us that read the books, there's probably a different outcome in the works and it will be something new and exciting.
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