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Originally Posted by Vanity View Post
Progress so far/Weekly update:

Week 1: 204 lbs
Week 2: 196 lbs
Week 3: 194 lbs.

This week I only lost a net-total of 2 lbs from last week. This is because on my carb-up weekend I carbed up too much and gained 5 lbs (3 lbs in water weight). I also didn't get a chance to do my cardio days so it was only lifting in the gym for 3x. That week it was 196lbs + 5lbs from water/carb-up = 201lbs.

From 201lbs, without cardio, I still went down to 194 making it a total of 7 lbs lost, but net total 2lbs.

Total Gross Weight loss in 2 weeks: (8 + 7) 15lbs
Total Net Weight loss in 2 weeks: ( 8 + 2) 10lbs.

I tried not to carb up too much, and in fact i treat my carb-up days like normal days and eat a normal amount of carbs (instead of actually carbing up like mad -- but this is just because I want to see faster results).

My Carb-up this week is 194lbs + 4lbs of carb up (2-3 lbs of which is water, since fat holds it's weight 3x in water). I'll be ramping up the cardio this week also, so I should hope to hit 190lbs total by the end of the week before my carb-up on saturday. This would be 8lbs lost, but 4lbs pure fat! I just finished a BRUTAL workout on Monday and am still feeling it today. Gotta keep those lifts intensive!

And I'm still lifting higher and higher weights and seeing more and more size/definition in my arms so I know I'm not losing muscle!

P.S. Keep your water intake HIGH guys. This diet will ravage your kidneys/liver if you aren't taking in water to help with the workouts, cardio, and dieting!!
P.S.S. I am now doing a Military/Police Academy workout regime combined with P90x Ab-ripper and cardio inbetween my workout days.
Sick..... I started this diet about 3 weeks ago lost almost 15 lbs working out 3 days a week.