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Originally Posted by N54Yankee View Post
Originally Posted by Delta0311 View Post
I agree with you there. We need a war in Iran about as much as we need AOC Green Plan. Iran is not Iraq, their military capabilities are fairly sophisticated and you can be rest assured that the Russian will supply them in case SHTF.
Agreed we don’t need a shooting war with them but Iran has no idea what they’re getting into going against the USA. They must be more informed and wise to what can happen after seeing sodom Hussein attempt to play tough guy with us but he finally learned but only after the second time how capable our forces are.
Iraq was no slouch military wise, they had the 4th largest army in the world during the first Gulf War and we made short work of them in no time, only a few days once the ground war started. Iraq was also supplied by Russia for decades and had some of the most advanced Ruskie weapons before we got into with them and it didn’t help them much at all.

If it came to it most of our critical hits would be accomplished using tomahawks and drones without jeopardizing our troops. More technological advanced warfare then was ever seen before. Thankfully we now have a President that is willing to unleash the Dogs of War and let our guys win. IMO
Of course I hope it doesn’t get that far and I wish it’s just sabre rattling on both sides and we can get back to the ‘normal’ detente that’s existed since the 70’s.
Really?? A week after trump says he's moving a carrier to area they decide to randomly drone a random tanker ship which gets no advantage to anyone.

Even you aren't that gullible are you haha maybee you are. This is as false flag as it gets and I bet there will be 100 more false flags until trump gets his war but I don't think it will go as e-z as you think it will. That is exactly how I remember ppl talking before Iraq war about how ez it will be and it wasn't ez, economy crashed and all other problems we are still paying for today. Maybe you are too young to remember how ppl were talking before Iraq war or just really gullible guy

What did bush say so famous? Fool me once fool me twice haha

I think war is coming because trump really needs it so this is bad news for all of us I don't think this will go the way you are dreaming it will