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Kids can talk a lot of crazy fantasy shit, not saying they wouldn't have done something but its speculation to whether they'd actually pull the trigger on such thoughts. They might have but I think unlikely, mass murder is an extremely rare occurrence. I'd rather stick to the facts, actual events that did occur.

From as far back as I can remember the Whitman Texas Tower school sniper mass murders in the 60's said to be the 'first' of the breed the shooter was mentally ill due to a brain tumor that affected his reasoning. If we look back at not as far we have the girl school shooter, the "I don't like mondays' weirdo, is mentally ill. Let's face it, if you go to your school and kill as many innocent children as you can, you're fucking nuts, no diagnosis required. The recent episode in Col is a open shut case I think. Just hearing evidencethus far of the two they were off the wall and outside of normalcy. We'll be hearing more insane shit about them. Not that it excuses them, I say give them the penalty they deserve. I don't care they're nuts.
The sandy hook mother was crazy also for allowing her weirdo kid to play with guns. She paid with her life she deserved that but horrific that many children died for her idiocy.
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