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One thing the Democratic party does very well is market their ideas and touch the feelings of others, particularly with the younger crowd. I remember being in college (2009ish) and liberal professors were shoving their beliefs down our throats. They were very good at selling us on the emotional part (struggling illegal immigrants, the lower class, equality, etc) but never told the whole story of how these ideas would be carried out and what it meant for citizens as a whole. If you question the whole idea of socialism and how it doesn't make sense to take from the hard working like you or I, and give to those who refuse to work, suddenly you get labeled as someone who possesses hatred and doubt. I remember a local news agency was interviewing students on campus asking why they supported certain candidates. None of them could actually name policies or ideas and why they were beneficial, they could only repeat the ideas they had been sold on. This was the case for both sides.

Neither political party has the benefit of the people in their minds. Those same idiots preaching income equality, socialism, no wall, etc, live in multi-million dollar gated homes and have probably never done an ounce of hard work in their lives.