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Originally Posted by Run Silent View Post
So, reading a few articles today, I came across a question I've seen in years past and again, it really hit home.

I struggle with our current political climate these days because there is too much 'us and them'. I am quite liberal when it comes to my social policy approval. I think gay folks should be allowed to marry and get the same government rights as everyone else. I don't think a church should be mandated to officiate the wedding, though. I think we need to revamp our criminal justice system to spend more time finding ways to correct bad behavior instead of just incarcerating folks and making it more likely for them to continue down the wrong path in the future. There are many other examples as well. But - ultimately I always vote Republican because of this question below. I simply cannot come up with a single answer to it:

Name one left wing Democrat objective that, if implemented, would allow you to earn and keep more money and/or that would make you freer.

I honestly cannot think of one. As such, I continue to vote a party ticket even though some of the Republican ideals make me upset or I don't agree with. The lesser of two evils, so to speak.

So - left wing friends - and anyone else who cares to join in - help me out here. Can you answer the question and provide supporting evidence of the response? I am honestly willing to listen.

Good questions and thanks for asking.

First, I'd suggest we consider the philosophical differences between the left and the right. Those on the left tend to look at society as a collective of citizens, all in this together, and feel the need to look out for and support each other. Especially those on the lower ends of the socioeconomic ladder. The right tends to approach things more from the standpoint of us being a collective of individuals, each with the power (and hopefully the drive) to be as successful or as unsuccessful as we want.

Second, let's consider the idea of trickle down economics that tends to find more support on the right. Remove constraints on the top 10%, they will prosper, and in turn will create prosperity and opportunity for the bottom 90%. The Left, on the other hand approaches it more from the trickle up economics perspective. Lift up that bottom 10% so they they are not a drain on society and they can prosper and contribute.

So why do you not personally see policies from the left that DIRECTLY (directly being the operative term here) put money back in your pocket? Because you are in the top 10% and their policies that provide direct aid or assistance are focused on the bottom 10%. Examples: School lunch programs, after school activities for kids, subsidized child care. None of these are designed to put money in your pocket but they are designed to lift a burden on low income parents who struggle to balance providing for their kids and working. The idea being if we can lift that burden so the parents can work and contribute, keep their kids fed and in school learning, society in general will ultimately benefit.

Just to randomly grab another: Farm subsidiary reform to help small, struggling farmers instead of channeling billions to the mega corporate farms. Doesn't put cash directly in your pocket but it does for smaller, struggling, farmers.

Given your tax bracket, I do struggle to find programs that would directly put cash in your pocket. Prescription drug price reform is one that comes to mind. But really, the "problem", or the reason you struggle to find Democratic policies that cash you out is largely because you are not on their radar as being a vulnerable member of our society.

Hope this helps shed some light on the subject. As always, thanks for the open and respectful dialog. Your posts are one of the few reasons I still come around these parts.
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