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Originally Posted by cmyx6go View Post
I'm looking for honest opinions on people's preference regarding medical insurance. I'm not sure if it is possible to separate this from politics and not go down the road of whether medical insurance is a right.

I imagine most of us here have private medical insurance, and with that comes the option of staying in network for a co-pay or going out of network and paying for it yourself. In most cases, unless you're really sick you will never meet the deductible for out of network.

I am very fortunate to have the ability to go to any doctor I choose regardless of whether he/she take my insurance. I will not choose a doctor, or change doctors due to who is in or out of network.

The thought of this choice being taken away from me is terrifying. It seems most of the Democrats that have thrown their hat in the race are for medicare for all. I try and tell myself that this won't be an issue. Even if a democrat wins 2020, they'll never get this through, it's a talking point/platform that will never be delivered. BUT, what if? Have any of the democrats here actually thought this through? Are you willing to have the government control your medical care and take away your choices so that everyone has medical coverage?

EDIT: Please correct me if my thought process is incorrect. I can still go to doctors of my choice but will there be less doctors to choose from?
why would you assume that because someone has medicare they cant choose a physician. this is assumption totally false. every single major medical institution in the USA accepts medicare. johns hopkins, harvard, md anderson... all these places accept medicare. the idea that for profit healthcare is somehow better is also absurd. do you really think your insurance carrier wants to pay more than medicare? does your insurance want to pay higher dividends to corporate healthcare shareholders? i can pretty much promise you that for profit hospitals are not providing a higher level of care than a major state funded university hospitals and ive worked for 25 years in both.