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100% agree. I'm not sure what form it takes either but some shit needs to change.

Took my wife to the walk-in clinic on Sunday as her chest cold is not improving and we are skittish about pneumonia, which she had 2 years ago after a bad cold. 15 minute visit. They listened to her lungs, wrote down her story, and prescribed an inhaler. The visit was $300 and the inhaler was $200 ($40 in Canada). All out of pocket because our $5000 deductible has not been met. Can we afford that? Sure. But WTF, lots of folks cannot. Something needs to change.
but how much would it have been if you scheduled an appointment and went to a dr?

also, surprised your insurance didnt cover any of the costs. Every insurance ive been on, and ive been on almost a dozen different plans over the years, even urgent care visits are somewhat covered ($75 copay vs $25 normally), as are prescription costs for a certain percentage. Maybe the urgent care you went to was out of network?

And that leads us back to the Government Universal Healthcare argument of if the government provided everyone insurance and/or healthcare, would you have been in the same situation?
Not our plan. Covers exactly $0 of ANYTHING until the deductible is met. One of the numbers of working for a small company. Small insurance pool, not a lot of leverage.