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Originally Posted by DETRoadster View Post
I agree, the government can be a mess but they also do good things. I really have no gripes with NASA, our military, the NIH, the CDC. I think my local government does an OK job at many things.

I'm not suggesting the federal government should just step in and take over healthcare for all Americans but i do think they can step in and create some more boundaries for the free market to then operate within. For example, let my wife buy that $40 inhaler from Canada this is identical to the $200 one here. Open up that market and let the free market adjust.
Regarding your first paragraph:

1. I agree they do good things, but those things are done better by the private sector. Think Peer Review in the medical industry, Space-X versus NASA, NIH versus private university research, etc.

2. With respect to your local government, that is a whole other conversation. The local government apparatus typically pretty decent because it is so small scale. It avoids the bloat, cannot typically run a long term deficit, and is held much more accountable to the local populace. Those things cannot be said nor applied to the federal government. I feel the same way - I think my local taxes are used wisely in my town and can literally see where the money goes and don't mind paying them.

Regarding your second paragraph:

1. The government needs to step out, not step in to solve the problem. All the problems you are describing are caused by, not prevented by, the government.

2. The reason you can't go across state lines to shop for health insurance or can't go over the border for your inhaler and get it covered by insurance is due to crony capitalism and backdoor deals in Washington between medical lobbyists and politicians. They are the cause of these problems, not the solution.

I can feel you starting to sway. Perhaps it's our joint love for punk rock, but give it more time and I think you will eventually come over to the side of limited government, personal freedom, and personal accountability. Classical liberalism is where we should all be. Friedrich Hayek and Alexis de Tocqueville are the true visionaries - not these fools that so many look to such as John Maynard Keynes and (barf) Paul Krugman.
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