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Yes, fake watches do matter.
It's stealing the design of someone else. BMW and Land Rover gets quite upset when the Chinese make exact knock-offs of their SUVs, why wouldn't the established watch manufacturers get upset if someone copies their design. Come up with your own design and work for it like everyone else does.

If you can't afford it, then it's not for you. To get something as a status symbol or to "fulfill" a need is the compete wrong reason to buy something like this.

I've had Rolex's for over 20 years and never did I once even think about the status symbol or the cost. I have always wanted one since I knew what a nice watch was. I fell in love with the design and the engineering and the quality. In those 20 years I've worn, bought and traded several watches. I've actually made over $10K in profits.

TBH: I have literally only had a couple of comments on my watches over the last 20 years (like, less than five - and several of those were from people I actually knew). VERY few people even pay attention to watches anymore.

Basically, I'm saying if you can't afford a real one, don't steal the rights of someone else's hard work and dedication. It's a cop-out to the max. Earn your way the way everyone else has.
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