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Originally Posted by JustinHEMI View Post
They're machines, finely engineered, just like your BMW, and therefore require regular maintenance and service.

I recommend every 3-5 years depending on how often a particular watch is in rotation. Remember that these hair sized gears are running 24/7, it is unreasonable to expect that they can run indefinitely without maintenance.

Getting into mechanical watches does come with more upkeep that folks don't think about.

I bet your Oris can be recovered. I'm not trying to be a smartass about it, but 13 years is pretty dang good if you didn't maintain it. The sour taste in your mouth isn't the fault of Oris. Every mechanical watch manual will tell you the service interval.

The price depends on where you take it, the brand, and the level of the watch. For example, my daily wear Hamilton that has few complications is about 100 dollars. However, for a very complicated watch such as a perpetual calendar or moon phase, it can be many hundreds of dollars.

Whatever the price is, it's worth you maintaining your tiny machine so that it doesn't die after 13 years.
Thanks and I know you're not being a smartass.

I just think it's a bit deceptive for watchmakers, Oris, in my case, to make it sound like that such service is *optional*. If you read my manual, it says that an 'overhaul is recommended'...whatever the heck that means; definitely nowhere did it state it was mandatory. Not everyone is a WIS, and for someone ignorant about this issue like myself that had just gotten into the 'fancier' watches, I would think why should I bother if the manual only makes it a suggestion/recommendation? I thought that mechanical or automatic watches are supposed to be less maintenance-worrisome due to its very nature of not needing a battery, seems awesome, isn't that partly why they are much more expensive than any regular watch? The sales when I bought it didn't warn me about this mandatory service either.

As such, it still leaves a sour taste because I scour manuals and if I read a clear instruction to periodical service, I would have done it. It's not the same as our BMWs because, for example, no one merely 'recommends' oil changes...if you don't do it after a long time, your engine will definitely be messed up.