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Originally Posted by Not_Judy View Post
Driving ranges are good too if you have a classier type lady that likes to golf and is good at it. Never, I repeat never, play golf with them as a date; some get really pissed when they lose and some get really shitty with you when they win too if they are overly competitive.

I had a first date once that consisted of alcohol and strip video games. We were playing DC vs. Mortal Combat. It didn't start out as strip battle but that's how things got started. She was a gamer and wanted to play. I didn't have the heart to tell her I was unbeatable with The Flash and Death Stroke so I played as characters I wasn't that good with. Once she beat me a few times she decided she wanted to embarrass me with making the deal of losing one article of clothing for each match lost. I changed characters and got up in her ass figuratively.....and then literally.
I never played golf, we have a membership to the club back home but my dad got it for social reasons rather than actually playing golf... never really got to using his unused clubs lol

also lol funny anecdote on the games, i only play GTA when im terribly bored and nothing more - don't think that'd work with me im down to learn fifa or whatever my roommate loves playing and yelling at

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You have it figured out sir. I always feel sorry for those guys who complain about not being able to find the one. Funny how when you change your expectations your perspective changes as well.
+1, the "unicorn" doesn't exist
i literally just need someone to give me my space, i'll upload a text convo of someone i was seeing a few months ago - definitely the material this thread is looking for
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Hella happens dude