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Originally Posted by Never_Enough View Post
You're better off. I banged another new cunt Friday night & she took days to reply so I just texted "Good luck out there. God Bless"! & she replied almost immediately to that, of course, with "You too. I took my profile down, I'm taking a break."

So I had to say "Break from one night stands? Oh, ok." She never replied to that. Not surprising.

I'm fine if you just wanna fuck. I love to fuck. However, just be an adult and say that's what you're after. Don't load your profile with bs or feed me bs in person. Next time a guy does that to you, remember who you are...hypocrites...
Jesus man, you just brought back all of the BS in a matter of a few sentences. Yes, the entire dating scene is hypocritical. It's funny how women will post about not being able to find a good man, but have 100 good men to choose from. What I discovered is that there are so many little points of reference that must fall in line for something to work. If one point of reference is off, you end up over looking it and it will eventually cause tension. There can be attraction between the two, but if social status isn't on the same level, there is a source of tension. Religion, likes in music, tastes in culture, food, etc. By the time you sit down and do the math for the "non-negotiable's" that you have versus hers, the likelihood of finding a suitable match are very, very......very low. I came to the realization a few years ago that I will never find the one, simply because she doesn't exist. This is something that we as humans create in our minds. For example, the notion that everything happens for a reason....bullshit. Life consists of random events all happening simultaneously to everyone on the planet. When you take into consideration the amount of the people on the planet versus the amount of occurrences to be shared eventually things will align thus causing our, "I'm special" or "This happened for a reason" mentality. Also consider this, if you strike a pool ball without an intended direction and this pool ball has endless momentum, it will eventually fall into a pocket.

With all this being said, I realized that I needed to stop looking. Find someone who I can relate to on most subjects, be physically attracted to, shares the same taste in music and movies and just enjoy whatever happens. Do I love my girlfriend? Absolutely. Do I like her kids or being around them? Absolutely NOT! We aren't getting married, I don't spend time around her kids and in no way are we going to ever live together; but I will enjoy it while it lasts. She knows that I am planning to sell my house and leave the state in the next few years. Her youngest son is 6, that's another 12 years before she will be where I am in life and I have no intention of waiting that long for anyone. I have too much living to do in the meantime, but I will enjoy it while I'm here.