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The Horrible+Lesson Learned=Great Outcome

One of my first online dates. Her pictures were fantastic and quite hot. Small waist, D's, great shaped butt. She shows up 30 lbs heavier and asks me if I'm disappointed. I stated, " your lack of honesty." I then gave her the lecture on the primary advantage of dating as an adult: Pure Honesty. You don't have to play the games to gain advantage as you did as a foolish kid. If you don't like something that someone says early on, you may take your ball and go home without a problem and she violated this basic premise. I wished her good luck, took my ball, and went home.

After that, I started asking them to strike a pose with a few fingers held up in some odd manner so that I could verify the accuracy and timeliness of the picture. A few complained and I cut off communication. My current gf had no problem when I asked her and only requested 5 mins to change into a bikini before she sent the shot over. Yeah. I'm good now.
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Hell, I get random sausage attacks when I go anywhere.

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