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Originally Posted by kmarei View Post
before you talk shit about someone
you better be ready to provide proof
how did you find out I was purposely being dishonest?
I did specifically say this info was from their website
not that I had insider knowledge
But you were parroting their company line, which makes you a liar.


Person A: "Hey I heard EasyExchange was bankrupt! Their website is gone, and disappeared. Seems like they are in big trouble."

Kmarei: "again if you read it hasn't disappeared into thin air when the site returns the bitcoins will still be there they had issues with their transfer system, and some users were abusing that to profit so they shut it down to figure out what the issue was and they will be back."
You, Kmarei, are parroting something that is dishonest and it's clear the way you worded your statement that you were using their company line to say that Mt.Gox was perfectly fine and would be back, when the reality was the complete opposite.

Like I said, if you parrot liars, you become one yourself. That's purposefully being dishonest because you had no disclaimer, i.e - "I don't know if the information is accurate but their website says this." No you simply laid it out as if it was a fact that's why you are a dishonest person and a liar.

you mean the same way you are PR rep for the stock market and how you won god knows how much on google stock?
do you have any idea how many trillions have been lost in the stock market?

should I call you "purposefully dishonest" and a "liar" based on that?
What? I've never told anyone anything dishonest about Google, I simply made my stock pick public so people could see that I am not full of shit when I make my picks, I posted my pick MONTHS ago for all to see, and I'm simply showing actual gains that anyone can go and check for themselves. Go back and read my post from months ago in this thread, tell me where I am being purposefully a liar like you have done countless times, and have been exposed for doing so, in this thread?

I never said "Go buy Google now and make money" nor did I make any false claims about the company to hide or cloud the issue of their solvency as a company. How is that the same thing as you using the Mt.Gox company line to try and claim that the lost bitcoins were "safe"? That's completely different.

But I invite anyone on the forum to go back and read this thread, and find where I was being purposefully deceitful about any of my investments or where I mislead anyone about Google as a company. Then I invite the same people to go back and read the post from Kmarei where he's parroting that Mt.Gox would be fine and the coins were safe. Kmarei wants to embarrass himself a bit more in front of the forum, so why not indulge him?

But let me guess your canned response, "You hate cryptocurrency and don't understand it! Waah!" What a clown.

you mean the same as the countless millions of people who have gotten wiped out in the stock market?
Stocks, tulips, bitcoins. People get wiped out. The unlucky ones lose, the less unlucky break even, and the smart ones make money. That's how it is for ALL instruments of investment.
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