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Originally Posted by kmarei View Post
I was quoting what was written on their website
obviously your time investing in google leaves you with a lot of free time
if you don't like them, don't invest in them
no one is forcing you to put your money in them

I like them, and I see crypto currencies as the way forward
and I choose to invest my money in them
Kmarei it's not about "like or dislike" it's about you being purposefully dishonest, and when you get called out on it, you start with the kiddy red herring tantrum "Oh you don't like crypto currency and you don't understand it."

You claimed the BitCoins from Mt.Gox would be perfectly safe and the site would be back up. If you didn't know that to be a fact, then why try to pass it off as a fact, just because their website said so despite all the overwhelming evidence pointing to the contrary?

Then insultingly, you continue to try and play BitCoin PR rep by trivializing nearly half a billion dollars in losses:
Originally Posted by kmarei
It's not closed for maintenance
They found out there was a problem with the way they transferred bitcoins
Under certain circumstances, they would not get an ok that the transfer occurred
So they would retry
Ended up being all the transfers were succesful and they had sent multiple times what the initial transfer was
Which means they had to cover the shortfall
If you don't like being called out for lying, don't be a liar, and don't parrot liars. It's pretty simple.

many people have made tons of money on bitcoins
that is a fact
Yes, and it's also a fact that a ton of people have also gotten wiped out, like everyone at Mt.Gox, and the numerous other exchanges that fold, or criminally disappear before anyone knows what's happening.
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