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Originally Posted by kmarei View Post
It's not closed for maintenance
They found out there was a problem with the way they transferred bitcoins
Under certain circumstances, they would not get an ok that the transfer occurred
So they would retry
Ended up being all the transfers were succesful and they had sent multiple times what the initial transfer was
Which means they had to cover the shortfall
Exactly! That shortfall happens to be $350,000,000 worth of BitCoins stolen because of inadequate transfer security at Mt.gox. You also failed to mention that this has been reported for MONTHS, and people have thought Mt.Gox's failure was imminent for weeks.

So tell me again how you're trying to portray it paints Mt.gox in any better light?

All investments other than putting your money in the bank are speculative
That is even slightly speculative in that Banks can fail, and have spectacularly, and FDIC only covers up to a certain amount in deposit guarantees.

Yes, all investments are speculative, and all poisons are poisonous. Some poisons give you a headache, and some kill you.

BitCoin is purely speculative at this point, a lethal type of poison that differs from other investments. Many BitCoin investors are only looking at price movement, and nothing else. Google is partially speculative, but it is a company that has and creates value other than speculative value in that the company is a leader in information gathering, targeted advertising, consumer and enterprise level software, and consumer devices. All of which have an intrinsic value that is not purely speculative. Based on the success of that business model, you can more or less predict the direction of the stock price in the company as long as you pay attention. That's why some people can gain $326 dollars per share in profit ($24,000+ total) and some people can barely break even on 9 bit coins after 2-3 months of work.
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