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Originally Posted by MediaArtist View Post
Yes, risk vs reward, classic conundrum when it comes to investing hard earned dollars into an investment vehicle.

What about the BitCoin investment vehicle excites you?
Several things
First the whole unregulated aspect of it, is refreshing
Unlike stocks and bonds etc, anything could happen
The price could go up to 10,000, or sink to $20

Second the fact that you can mine with the hardware and usually sell it at a profit
With most hardware is usually sold as pre orders, so it's sold cheap
And the minute it starts shipping, the price sky rockets
The knc jupiter was sold as a pre order for roughly $5000
It's now selling on eBay for 20-25,000!
So you buy it for 5K, mine roughly 15-20 bitcoins with it
Then sell it 4-5 times your initial investment
The fact that I am not paying for electricity also sweetens the deal
Plus I work in IT, so this is down my alley

The best thing is, if this takes off, it could revolutionize the entire banking sector.
I'll give you an example
I was trying to buy bitcoins to buy the hardware. I had to do a bank transfer which took 4 days!
If I have bitcoins and I want to send you some
I can do the transfer from my iphone and its instant
And no fees or restrictions like banks

I think it's worth a shot
Yeah it's risky, but its got a little bit of the "gold rush" feel to it