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Originally Posted by mecheng77 View Post
I was in Tucson for a work course about 14 years ago and I liked it. Great hiking trails to enjoy nature and nice dry heat. I don't remember much about the city itself just the nature and blue berry pie at some ski resort which it was famous for; it was delicious. I don't remember the ppl being dumb or anything.
Anything outdoors here is many hiking/biking trails but as far as the city itself its a drag. Not much "entertainment" ill call it especially when I spent the first 30 years of my life in Chicago. But you are right the surrounding nature is beautiful.

The people here have always been nice and pleasant but it seems that a lot of the demographic is retirees and for a younger couple like my wife and I it leaves a lot to be desired.

What youre talking about is the lodge on top of Mt. Lemmon....they do have some killer pie.