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Originally Posted by 5mokem View Post
Sprint booster arrived and installed! I love it. Sport mode is definitely the way to go for daily driving. Very responsive. Since my original post, I've also got the RPi ram scoop installed (that alone I noticed a difference), K&N drop in and also removed my charcoal filter. Just these basic mods have made my 550i a fun car to drive! FYI, the control knob on the V2 of the sprint booster can be taken off after initial control setting. I don't like having that module making my cab look like a ricer (been there done that when I was younger). I don't recommend racing mode because there is some jerkiness to that. All in all, I think the sprint booster is worth every penny!
As an alternative viewpoint, I tried a Sprintbooster and didn't care for it. I don't see it as a performance modification - it does nothing to increase the car's performance. It remaps the throttle so that 100% of the throttle control occurs in about ~30% of the pedal's travel. There is nothing left in the remaining ~70%...literally, pushing the pedal any further has absolutely no effect on the throttle because it's already pegged.

Personally, I felt like I was flooring the car at every stop sign, and that wasn't really a neat thing for me. So I sold mine.

The Sprintbooster certainly is a noticeable mod though, and I can see how some people might dig it. To each his own.
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