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Originally Posted by Kev608 View Post
I only have a 2070 Super. I'm considering installing a second one with the NVLink though. I've got a Ryzen 2700x OCed to 4.1 mhz and 4x 8GB of DDR3200. Average FPS on the 4K tv with everything maxed out in AC was 150fps.
Most games don't scale with Nvlink/SLI anymore. It's technology that both Nvidia and AMD are abandoning. It's not worth it. Sell it and get a 2080Ti instead.

AC is quite old and has low requirements, but your PC won't cope with ACC in VR. Even PCars2 won't run very well unless you bring the resolution down.

SteamVR automatically sets resolution level based on your hardware (unless you override it), so you might be running it at lower resolution thinking everything is fine, but you're not taking full advantage of Reverb's high res display. Of course, if you're happy with the results, or only play AC, there's no need to spend more money.